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Pulp Fiction
Police Line



Rap Sheet Tasha Reign

Everyone wanted Aurora Diaz!

She was the most expensive and sought-after prostitute in Las Vegas, and she had men clamoring for her pleasures. But after going forward with a tell-all that promised to name her top clients, some wanted her dead. Special Agent Bryce Attewelle was assigned to save her—from herself.

Credit for cover: Tasha Reign

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Police Line

“A spy genre king.”

—The Cocktail Nation

“Spy noir for the 21st century.”


“…keeps the reader guessing right until the end.”

—Permission to Kill

“Modern pulp fiction masterpieces!”

—Missi Meadows

“A rip roaring tale.”
—Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston

“Spy fiction returns to noir.”
—The Spy Report

“[Raetz’s] attention to detail and ability to seamlessly weave intrigue with double-crosses is mesmerizing.”
—Mike Collins, Crime Critics

“[Raetz] has the coolest, sexiest reads!”
—Betsey Bosen


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